In order to be successful we have to determine our starting point. Below are some links to free or reduced cost resources to help you get back on your feet:

Do you need help finding a job or with bills? Visit:

Do you need help finding work? New Directions Career Center is amazing. When I was nearly homeless they helped me try to get back on my feet and even gave me free transportation. They also get you in touch with Dress For Success which will give you several brand new outfits for your new job:

Do you need a free computer? Visit:

Need a Free Ride to Work or Interviews?

Free and Cheap Cell Phones and Service

Cheap Service for $15 a month. Mint Mobile:

Free Cell Phones:

Free Transportation for Medicare/Medicaid recipients for Non-Emergencies

Elder Care for Transportation, Housing, Support Services, etc

Disability Services including: Housing, Jobs, Transportation, Health Care, Legal Issues, etc.

Are you trying to overcome trauma or understand your trauma better? Visit:

Are you a victim of domestic violence and trying to get out?

Abortion Help

Interactive map that will show the restriction rules in each state and which states offer safe abortion:

Need help paying for an abortion?

Need help finding an abortion provider or help with an abortion?

Need A Ride to an Abortion Clinic?

Do you have cancer and need help?

Are you a caregiver and need support?

LGBTQIA+ Support

Need help with sexual assault?